Our last Ofsted inspection was in March 2017.

Summary of findings for parents – The Warren Playgroup provision is good

Staff support children’s personal and emotional development effectively. Children gain strong social skills and learn to behave well. They are very happy, confident and motivated to learn.


Parent partnerships are good. Staff use effective ways to involve parents in all aspects of their children’s learning. For example, they regularly encourage parents to share their children’s learning and experiences from home.


The manager and staff know children well and observe their development closely. They monitor the progress of individual and groups of children and quickly identify any gaps in development. Children make good progress from their starting points in learning.


The manager makes good use of self-evaluation. She actively seeks the views of staff, parents and other professionals to help make ongoing improvements.


Staff support children’s language development well. For example, they encourage plenty of conversation and ask interesting questions to encourage children’s thinking.

You can find all our Ofsted reports, including our latest report here.